The conference will roughly be structured into 3 parts
Part 1 contains starting points for further discussions based on both scholarly and institutional points of view.
Contributors will be researchers like Prof. Irit Rogoff (Goldsmiths, University of London), Prof. Helene Illeris (UIA) and Dr. Tony Valberg (UIA), with subjects such as «Fugitive Study»; «Performative experimental community" and «Togetherness as artistic laboratory».

Part 2 focuses on activist, experimental or non-institutional approaches, with examples of alternative schools or educational art projects like Temporary Academy by artist and curator André Tribbensee.
The development of a relatively new established institution, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art in its special social and cultural context, will be discussed by artist and former Professor Åsa Sonjasdotter.

Part 3 will be a diverse symposium for participation, containing many short lectures by our partners and guests, as well as by local researchers. This part will contain space for improvisation.
Beside all lectures and presentations we will have talks, joint reflection groups and have good meals in-between, ending up sitting by a fire in the pale evening light of the Nordic late spring, before leaving the island at night.

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